Where Clinical Expertise

Meets Restorative Healing

Discover More Energy, Reduced Anxiety, Improved Mobility, and Peaceful Sleep

Where Clinical Expertise

Meets Restorative Healing

Discover More Energy,

Reduced Anxiety,

Improved Mobility,

and Peaceful Sleep

Tailored Health Programs for Sustained Wellbeing

Therapeutic Stretching & Body Rejuvenation,

Comprehensive Health & Hypnotherapy Coaching, and

Custom Corporate Wellness Solutions.

Therapeutic Stretching & Body Rejuvenation, Comprehensive Health & Hypnotherapy Coaching, and Custom Corporate Wellness Solutions.

Stretch Coach Offer:

The Limitless Mobility Method

Designed for Brevard County residents seeking effective pain relief and improved mobility, this method offers a potent solution to body aches, enhancing flexibility, posture, and reducing injury risk in just 30 minutes. Tailored stretch protocols and tension release techniques are performed by your certified stretch coach to ensure noticeable improvements in flexibility and mobility in your first session - guaranteed.

Transform Your Health with the

Mind-Body Mastery Session

Ready for a health breakthrough that addresses more than just diet and exercise? Our Mind-Body Mastery Session combines advanced hypnotherapy with personalized health assessments to tackle emotional and subconscious barriers, helping you unlock your full potential. For just $97, experience a 60-minute virtual session that guides you to a healthier lifestyle effortlessly.

The 90-Day Vitality Boost

Coaching Program

Embark on a transformative 90-day journey to elevate your energy, sharpen your focus, and enhance your daily life. This program offers personalized coaching, actionable insights from DNA testing, and continuous support through daily WhatsApp messages. Experience the shift towards a more vibrant lifestyle, with tangible improvements in sleep quality, mobility, and mood stability. Unlock the power to make informed health decisions, build resilience against life's challenges, and rediscover joy in every activity.

Wellness Retreat Workshop:

Discover the ABCs of Yoga

This workshop is ideally suited for corporate teams and employees. It offers a rejuvenating blend of breathwork, yoga, and meditation, fostering mental clarity, physical flexibility, and spiritual connection. Participants will learn techniques to reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve overall well-being, making it an invaluable tool for boosting workplace productivity and harmony.

About Your Health Coach,

Nalita Devi

A healthcare professional with a 15-year tenure in clinical wellness and the mind-body connection. Her expertise lies in integrating traditional medicine with lymphatic detox, cognitive behavioral therapies, energy healing, and nutraceutical enhancement strategies, a unique approach to addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Nalita's career is distinguished by a dedication to understanding the root causes of chronic illnesses and emotional imbalances, leveraging her diverse training as a Family Med/OBGYN PA-C to craft personalized wellness plans for her clients.

  • B.Sc. in Health Sciences, UCF, 2010

  • M.Med.Sc. in Physician Assistant Studies, NSU, 2013

  • Certified Holistic Health Professional, TSNH, 2017

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (300 hours), Hatha Yoga, 2017

  • Certified NASM Stretch and Flexibility Coach, 2022

  • Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 2021

See What

Clients Are Saying

Julian P

"This was one of the most unique, introspective experiences I’ve ever had. It was amazing how we explored, layer by layer, the underlying feelings that I didn’t realize were there, and that they were my ultimate motives for my thoughts and behavior. I walked out feeling lighter and rescheduled immediately! I would highly recommend for anyone and everyone!!"

Tim O

"Simply amazing! Nalita is so in tune with how the body systems operate a whole, and utilizes her education, experience, and passion into every healing session. I feel so fortunate to have found her."

Brittany C

"Nalita is an amazing coach. She was able to really listen to what I was sharing with her from a place of non judgement. She guided me through a process that really showed me how I can be in my intimate relationship in a way that will create more of what I desire. Normally I would think a process of being coached on building intimacy and connection might be difficult but Nalita has a very innate way of simplifying things and also making them fun."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a health coach over a traditional clinical practitioner?

As a health coach with a background as a physician assistant, I bring the best of both worlds to your health journey. While clinical practitioners are experts in diagnosing and treating diseases, my role as a health coach allows me to work with you on preventing and reversing the root causes of illness, such as stress and cellular inflammation. This holistic approach not only addresses symptoms but also promotes lasting wellness by focusing on mental and physical health together.

How can assisted stretching offered in the Limitless Mobility Method help me with my joint, back, and neck pain?

Assisted stretching targets the root of your pain by improving flexibility, increasing mobility, and reducing tension in critical areas. Whether you're suffering from years of desk work or age-related stiffness, our sessions are tailored to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall movement, making daily activities easier and pain-free.

Can health coaching really help me change my health when everything else I've tried hasn't worked?

Absolutely. Many of my clients come to me after feeling stuck with traditional healthcare routes. Health coaching offers a personalized, comprehensive approach, focusing on diet, exercise, and mental well-being to influence how your genes work. This means we can work together to activate the right genes for health, despite past frustrations, guiding you towards significant, sustainable changes.

What makes your approach to health and wellness different?

My unique blend of clinical expertise and holistic health coaching allows me to address your health concerns from a comprehensive perspective. Instead of focusing solely on symptoms, we delve into lifestyle, dietary habits, and mental health, using these insights to craft a personalized plan that targets the source of your issues for deeper, more lasting healing.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I do not accept insurance. My focus is on providing personalized, in-depth health coaching and wellness services directly to you, ensuring that we can concentrate fully on your unique health journey without the limitations often imposed by insurance providers.

How can understanding epigenetics empower me if I've been given a tough prognosis?

Epigenetics teaches us that our lifestyle can change how our genes work. This means even if you've been told your condition is fixed or you have a limited time left, there's still hope. It's not just about what's written in your genes; it's about what you do that counts. Simple changes in how you eat, move, and think can make a big difference. If you've ever been told 'nothing can change,' I'm here to show you it can. Your body has a powerful ability to heal, and together, we'll tap into that potential.

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